The ice bucket challenge has taken social media by storm. Everywhere you look there will be a video of someone pouring water containing ice cubes over themselves, then nominating their friends to do the same thing, all of this is to supposedly raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or as it is more commonly known ALS. The idea is that once you have done the challenge you donate a small figure to support the ALS fund. But is it really making a difference? The article ‘Who’s Pouring Cold Water On the Idea?’ by Steve Rose highlights key areas that show that the ice bucket challenge has totally lost its original and intended meaning. I mean whenever I want to raise awareness for a illness such as ALS I always pour a bucket of water over my head… I mean who doesn’t?

Many famous people such as Bill Gates, Eminem and various others have taken part in raising awareness. Bill Gates designed a contraption that made the ice bucket challenge much more technical. I highly doubt he created the plans himself, he probably hired a team to do it for him. Then he had to get people to film and assemble the design. All of this would have cost probably thousands. Instead of putting on this public show could he not have just donated all the money to the cause?  Rose tells us that in India a more practical approach was taken by a Hyderabad journalist who created the ‘Rice bucket Challenge’, which asked participants simply to ‘give a bucket of rice to someone who needs it’.

This is a better alternative to the ice bucket challenge as you can see where your donation is going, when you donate to the ALS fund you don’t see where the money goes. I mean It could go into the pocket of some fat Mafia boss who is currently living in a mansion just off the coast of Sicily using the money to invest in illegal drug trafficking schemes.

My favourite of all the videos that I have seen was that of the whacky Steve-o, who has starred in the Jackass movies and TV show, in his video  he completes the challenge and then faces the camera and says ‘I’m all about good causes but did this raise any awareness at all?’ this makes me believe that the ice bucket challenge has now become more of a social trend and has lost its original meaning. I do agree with Steve Rose when he says the ice bucket challenge has quite clearly lost the meaning and goal that it originally intended.

Rose calls out celebrities as using this as a way to get media attention, in the article it is described as a ‘wasteful PR exercises’ which makes them look like they care about the cause even though some of them probably cant even spell ALS. Katie Hopkins is one of the most hated celebrities around, however she has had a publicity boost because she has conducted the challenge. I definitely doubt that a woman that calls fat people ‘lazy’ and ‘benefit sponges’ would care about such a cause. I do agree with him when he says this because many unpopular celebrities have gained public favour because they have come across as caring for the cause.

When the ice bucket challenge first appeared many people did not know what ALS was and were eager to donate and have some fun at the same time, which is great and all but when it takes pouring a bucket of water over your head to raise awareness about such a disease which effects millions and has also been around longer than the challenge has it makes you wonder if the challenge had not existed then all this support and money donated would simply not even exist, I just find it sad how in order for people to hear about such a terrible disease it needs to be through a internet fad.

Another point is that many people who do the Ice bucket challenge do not even bother to donate after they have done it! The whole point of the challenge is to raise awareness and then donate a small sum of money to show your support to the ALS foundation, however many people seem to just do the challenge and not donate at all, this is completely missing the point of the whole challenge. The ice bucket challenge is now more of a social event rather than a charity event that will help fund ALS research, from when the idea first hit the internet to now it has lost its meaning and the original premise which was to raise money for the ALS fund.

In the article it states that California is currently experiencing a water drought ‘California is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts on record. Taps have dried up, lakes and reservoirs are emptying, water wastage is being fined’. As California is experiencing this it comes across as being very naive under the current circumstances, even if pouring water over your head is meant to bring awareness towards a horrible disease it does seem very in sensitive considering the shortage California is going through. Why waste water when there are people suffering from water shortages?

Rose also expresses that celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Grimes have not taken part because of the ‘ALS’ association with animal testing’. By conducting the challenge you are indirectly supporting medicines that may be harmful to be tested on innocent animals. I’m pretty sure that most people would not want chemicals injected in them or their offspring so why is it okay for an innocent animal to be tested on?


Can you imagine your son or daughter is on there last deployment to a war zone, they leave and promise you they will return. However they do not return. They went missing along with 4999 other men. What would you feel like? You would want the truth right? So does it alarm you that this event did actually occur in the year 108AD. This was the case with the Roman Ninth Legion.

The Roman 9th Legion was Rome’s best fighting force, think of the 9th legion as today’s Marines, they were always the first in and always the last to go. They survived many campaigns in Gaul and Spain and Africa. They were famous for winning many battles and were the spearhead of any Roman that was going to take place.

In 43 AD the ninth took part in the invasion of Britain led by Emperor Claudius and General Aulus Plautius. Around 50 AD, the legion constructed a fort, Lindum Colonia at Lincoln. Under the Command of Caesius Nasica they put down the first revolt of Venutius between 52 and 57 AD. The Legion did however suffer a major defeat under the command of Quintus Petillius Cerialis during the rebellion of Boudicca, the ninth was later reinforced by legionaries from the Germanic Provinces. Around 71 AD they constructed a new fortress at todays York (Eboracum).

The last testified location of the Legion in Britain was the rebuilding of the fort in York in 108 AD. Its movements after that are unknown and have sparked many theories as to how 500 men simply disappeared. The last recorded action the ninth took part in was to push north further into Scotland and quell the rebellious Picts and various other tribes in the North of England. The Legion were last seen matching north towards Scotland. This gives many people the impression that the ninth was attacked and killed in an attack from the tribes in the north, but how does the most elite fighting unit in the world get attacked and killed by a bunch of paint covered rebels?.

However, names of several high ranking officers that served with the  legion during the Britain campaign are also known to have served with the legion after its alleged disappearance in 108 AD, suggesting that the legion continued to exist after 108 AD. It has been suggested that the legion was completely wiped out during the Bar Kochba revolt in the Ludaea province but there is no firm evidence to confirm this.

Further evidence of a major war in Britain under the rule of emperor Hadrian can be supported by a tombstone in Northumberland. Here the man commemorated, Titus Annius, a centurion to the Roman Ninth Legion has been killed in war. Further a field in Italy a tombstone commemorating a soldier who had also served in the  Legion has also been found. This supports the theory that the  Legion was decimated in Britain and was then transferred to another province where it fought in various rebellions and was later disbanded.

Two passages in particular from ancient literature seem to shed some light on the Ninth Legions tragic fate. Evidence found in these show that the Roman army took substantial troop losses in Britain is supplied by the Roman historian Marcus Cornelius Fronto, writing in 160 AD he addressed emperor Marcus Aurelius by reminding him of past disasters: “Indeed, when your grandfather Hadrian held imperial power, what great numbers of soldiers were killed by the Jews, what great numbers by the Britons’. Marcus’s warning loosely suggests that Roman lives were lost in Britain. Does this point towards the destruction of the Legion?

There is a strong possibility that the Legion did suffer incredibly losses at the hands of the tribes in the north but was later recalled to Rome and were then killed in the heat of battle by the Parthian’s. It is also possible that after the major defeat the in Britain led to the legion being disbanded and the records of the defeat removed from Roman history, this way the legion would never have existed and Rome’s dignity would still be intact. The signature crest of the ninth was the golden eagle that they used to take into battle with them, it was a sign of Rome and the power that Rome had, when the ninth disappeared the eagle went with them and to Rome, this was a great insult to Rome’s pride and dignity.

Chapter 13

How does pride or game affect the characters in TKA?

I believe that many of the adults in chapter 13 do not want to be viewed as being wrong because it will damage their pride. For example aunt Alex doesn’t not wanr to admit she is wrong because it will make her look weak in front of Jem.

Aunt Alexander is very cowardly as she gets Atticus to tell the children everything, this gives the impression that she is cowardly. Ain’t Alexander acts out of trying to preserve the pride of the family name.

Descriptive Piece DRAFT

The ground around me shook violently as if it was about to take off. Thick black dust clouds blocked my vision. All around me, the helpless moans and groans of men who gave their today for someone else’s tomorrow. The sand on the beach was kicked up as bullets barely missed soft flesh. Bullet casings of all sizes litter the floor around the dead and dying. This is war.

When a man is dying he does not call for his Mother, Father or lover, he calls for me ‘HELP! Corpsman!’, when I reach some, they are a mess: arms shredded by hot metal, a nearby blast from artillery, legs missing from a machine gun burst.

The air is still filled with gun powder and death. The dying have now gone to a better place and have been replaced with new victims. I can not see the once golden beach any more, it is covered in the blood of friends and fellow servicemen. The chatter of machine guns can still be heard in the distance, sending more young men to God’s waiting room. Tracer rounds fly over my head. My rifle is clogged with a mixture of sand and blood.

The Khaki green uniform is now a dark shade of brown. My hands were trained to help those who needed it most, but who was trained to help me when I needed it? Artillery rounds burst all around me creating massive craters that can be used as temporary cover. The screams get louder and louder as I crawl up the beach, bullets snap over the top of my head. In the distance the palm trees lay burnt and charred.

On the horizon,  I see a man stumbling blindly across the beachhead, completely oblivious to the dangers around him, he has no weapon, his clothing is soaked in sweat and blood, then I see it; what’s left of his arm is shreds of skin and torn muscle, part of his face is no longer covered in flesh but the muscle has taken its place. He does not scream for help. I call his name ushering him to some to me, he turns his face towards me, he opens his mouth, blood and spit dribble down his chin.

He smiles.

A figure emerges from behind a tree stump; he wears the rank of an officer just like myself. His uniform was exceptionally neat for a man who waged war against other men, his chest was filled with medals and stripes from previous conflicts.  His helmet had a red cross painted on, just like me.

The mans hands are covered in thick blood, just like me. He does not seem fazed by the blood or the bullets. A piece of bloodied cloth was hanging from his hand. He had been shot.

The weapon he carried was coated in sand, it began to jam as he knelt down to fire. The sand kicked up around his feet as rounds landed near him.

Then it happened.

I saw him sitting in a crater, looking straight at me. His eyes wide with fear, he was not firing his weapon. His clothes bloodied and torn probably from the shrapnel that sliced through the air.

I try to fire at him but my rifle is full of sand and dirt. His hands are covered in sweat and dark red. I try and unjam my weapon so I can fire at this man. It doesn’t work. You can no longer see the beach, the dead and dying litter the flaw. It is my job to be there when they need me but who is there when I need someone?

The machine gun next to me never stops chattering, I can see the heat radiating off of the barrel, every burst sends another man to his grave. I can see tracer rounds flying over his head however the man in the cater does not get hit, he just sits. The branches and sand is getting kicked up around him but he just sits.

Then it happened.

We lock eyes for the first time. He looks terrified however he knows he has a job to do.  he reaches for his weapon. So do I. I know my weapon is jammed but I intended to scare him. We both squeeze the trigger. Nothing happens.

We are now both standing, rifles aimed at each other, he looks tired and worn out. His face looks grimy and has a faint layer on gunpowder that covers his cheeks. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever, neither of us moved. I could see his bottom lip begin to shake in fear and his eyes grow wider.

He began to lower his rifle and started muttering the words ‘Don’t shoot’. He had a cloth tied around his hand, he had been shot and was bleeding heavily. In Japan they teach you never to let an enemy live. This man was different. He had given me another chance, he allowed me to live.

It was then that I realised, this enemy we fight, the men that lay dying on this beach, this man in front of me was no different than me. A piece of artillery fire lands near me throwing me across the sand. When I come to my senses the man is gone. Maybe he is dead or maybe he is still sitting in the crater. This is war.

それが離陸しようとしていたかのように私の周りの地面が激しく揺れ、太い黒の塵の雲は、視力の私のラインをブロック (The ground around me shook violently as if it was about to take off, thick black dust clouds blocked my line of sight).


English Coursework

Compare how flaws are shown in Othello and a range of poetry you have studied.

In my essay I will be comparing how flaws are shown in the play Othello and a range of poems by Robert Browning that I have studied. The two poems that I will be analysing are Child Roland Dark Tower and Porphyria’s Lover. I have chosen these poems as I feel that both the poems and Othello have various similarities and I will explain why within my essay. In Othello the plot is driven by the flaws within the main characters, also within Robert Browning poems the plot is also driven by the flaws of the main characters.

In Othello the plot is escalated by the manipulation of Othello’s flaws by Iago. Throughout the play Iago constantly uses Othello’s flaws to his advantage by manipulating the way Othello sees situation. Othello has many flaws such as jealousy and pride, which in turn help escalate the story line. Early on within the play Iago begins to notice these flaws and in turn begins to use them against Othello. Othello seems be very uncertain a lot of the time as he is told that his wife may have been unfaithful to him, this happens in Act 3 Scene 3 where Iago is informing Othello of his wife’s unfaithfulness, for me is where we see his flaws start to appear, not only does he start to show signs of Jealousy but he starts to show signs that he is very uncertain. When Iago asks Othello if he thinks that Cassio is honest ‘For Michael Cassio I dare be sworn I think that he is honest’ Othello replies with ‘I Think so to’, the keyword word being ‘Think’, when someone doesn’t know or isn’t sure of the answer they may use the word ‘think’, for me this shows that Othello isn’t sure whether or not he truly knows if Cassio is honest, he wants to believe that he is but he has doubts and uncertainties. Iago then begins to tell Othello no to be jealous over and over again ‘O beware my lord of jealousy: It is the green eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on’ , Iago tells Othello this to provoke him into thinking that his wife is genuinely been unfaithful, this also shows that Othello is very gullible or even potentially angry.

The reason I say that Othello may be angry is that he makes some very rash decisions, one could say that when he is told that his wife has been unfaithful he becomes agitated by the thought, in turn Othello starts to believe the things Iago is telling him because he is angry. Iago uses Othello’s flaws to control the situations. Another very good example of Iago abusing a characters flaws is in Act 2 Scene 3 when Iago is on his own he has a soliloquy where he says ‘So will I turn her Virtue into pitch  And out of her own goodness make the net that shall enmesh them all’ this shows that Iago is willing to use Desdemona’s flaw which is being very nice as a weapon against her and other main characters, he is basically saying that he will turn Desdemona’s kindness into the problem that will make everyone get involved in.

In the Robert Browning poem Porphryia’s Lover, the plot moves forward after we learn that the main character is mentally unstable. Othello and Porphyria’s Lover share some of the same flaws. We learn that the main character in Porphryia’s Lover had feelings for a woman that went around with many other guys, so to make her his he killed her by strangling her with her hair. Both Othello and the main character in Porphyria’s Lover have a problem with trust. In both the poem and the play the main characters flaw is exploited in order to allow the plot to expand, just like in Othello people around the main character contribute to the downfall of the main character, in Porphyria’s Lover the woman that the main character wants contributes to her downfall by going around with other men, ‘Soiled Gloves’ tells us that she has been used by someone else before she came to the main character. Both of the characters have lustful desires, the word lustful suites the female character more than the main character as she enters the room and beings to tease him by sits very close to him and also lays her hair on him.

The main character does not feed to her sexual appetite which also gives us the idea that he does not want to have pre-marital sex. The reason I believe that he does not want to have pre-marital sex is that throughout the poem there are many references towards the bible giving the impression that the main character is religious in some way ‘And yet god has not said a word’ is just one example of biblical reference from the poem. This also shows that one of the main flaws that both Othello and the main character in Porphyria’s Lover share is that they are both very uncertain, the main character in Porphyria’s Lover does not have any solid evidence that the woman he wants has been sleeping with other men he just assumes she has from seeing her with other men, Othello is told that his wife has been unfaithful even though he has not seen her with any other men, this shows that both characters are very gullible and both are very uncertain as to what they should believe. Without the flaws in both the main character in Porphyria’s and the main character in Othello the plot would simply fizzle out and become lost, which shows that the characters flaws are the reason the plot proceeds.

My other poem that I will be comparing with Othello is another Robert Browning poem called The laboratory- Ancient Regime, in this poem the main character is a woman who believes her husband is having an affair with another woman. This poem has many similarities to Othello as both characters in the poem and the play assume that their partner is cheating on them even though they do not have any evidence to suggest that they have been unfaithful ‘that’s why she ensnare him:’ this shows that the main character in The Laboratory believes that her husband has been trapped by this other woman, this shows that the main character is very jealous, this flaw in the character helps drive the story on as we learn that she is going to try and murder this other woman and her husband. The main character comes across as being rather mentally unstable ; and her breast and her arms and her hands, should drop dead!’ this clearly proves that she is very mentally unstable, however this flaw within the character helps to drive the story of the poem on wards. The other flaw in the main character is that she is clearly very jealous of this woman ‘He is with her and they know that I know’ she is clearly aware of the situation, jealousy also helps the plot of the poem move on.

I do believe that the reason the main character reacted to the situation with violence and jealousy was because it was a marriage, during the time period this poem is set in many people were christian and they regarded marriage very highly. Not only was marriage valued highly but women were treated more like possessions than actual people.

Overall in both Othello and the two poems I have studied each characters flaw has helped with pushing the story line forward, without the flaws in each character the story would simply fizzle out and become boring and forgettable however with the flaws of each character the story becomes a much more than just a story, it adds a sort of personal touch to each character. Many writers with portray the main character as being almost perfect however by adding flaws it gives the characters a almost human touch rather than just being words on a page.


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